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VIBGYOR is the brand from the house of 3rd generation silk weavers, has rich knowledge in sourcing weaving and designing to the customers' expectations.

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India has a rich textile tradition, the evidence for which dates back to more than 4000 years. Indian textiles were always prized products of trade throughout the world, known for their delicacy, workmanship and quality. Silk is the most revered and valued fibre of all the textile fibres in India. In India, silk is considered to be pure and holy, and no religious function is complete without the use of silk. India has been the land of ancient civilizations and has contributed many things to the world, silk being one of them. Silk is a glorious gift of nature. With its rich heritage, assorted influences and a dynamic legacy of art, culture and traditions, Indian Silk has inherited some of the most finely crafted marvels of the world.

India, besides being a silk producer, is also an importer, exporter and consumer of silk. India is the second largest silk producer and is also the largest consumer in the world. The demand and supply position is tilted to such an extent that India needs to import sizable quantity of raw silk to meet the domestic requirement. The saree industry consumes the lion’s share of the country’s domestic production of silk that is almost to the tune of 75%.

India is the only country that produces all the four commercially known varieties of silks viz: Mulberry, Eri, Tasar and Muga, each one distinctly different from one another in terms of texture, feel and colour. India is home to some of the most exotic and wide ranging silks in the world, thanks to the endless varieties of handspun yarns available in each of the above four varieties of silks.